Quex S – the stress management system of the future

The Quex S energy balancing system assesses the functioning of our body, provides transparent feedback and involves the patient in correcting the „faults” in the body’s functioning. Stress management is more important than ever in today’s overworked lifestyle. Constant stress can lead to the development of many illnesses, so it is important to have the right help to learn to manage stress effectively through awareness of our bodies. The Quex S system offers a convenient, affordable solution from QXWorld

Quex S – the stress management system of the future

To understand Quex S, we need to delve a little deeper into the meaning of biofeedback therapy. 

In biofeedback therapy, sensors on the human body (e.g. head, ankles, wrists) and a computer system and special software running on it, which are connected to the sensors, assess the current state of the body and provide information that can be used to generate self-healing processes with the support of the system.

The biofeedback devices measure physiological signals from the body related to stress, such as heart rate, respiration, muscle activity, sweating, temperature, to help the subject to consciously relax and reduce tension.

The success of the Quex S therapeutic device is not only due to the effective use of biofeedback, but also to the fact that it actively involves the person in his or her own self-healing, stress-management therapy, enhanced by complex audio-video, vibration, auditory and visual stimuli.

How Quex S works?

Quex S is an automatic, computer-controlled, non-invasive active therapy device that uses the science of bioresonance and biofeedback for body analysis and energy balancing. 

It is an effective stress management system that measures electrophysiological responses and patterns through biofeedback, displaying them in multiple, transparent ways and providing feedback. 

The device works on the theory that stress disturbs the electromagnetic frequencies at which our body’s cells, tissues and organs resonate. These frequencies need to be restored to their natural harmonic state.

Quex S is tuned to each person’s individual electrophysiological stress parameters. The information received is analysed and used to teach the body how to regulate its physiology, resulting in reduced stress and improved physical and emotional well-being.

Quex S and electrophysiology

Electrophysiology means the physiological science of the electrical processes in the living organism. 

Our body emits invisible vibrations, our quantum mechanical body is the basis of everything we are: cells, organs, thoughts, emotions. Everything is in perfect unity in the special world of quanta, everything is connected to everything else. 

These connections form the basis of our entire physiology, the functioning of our organs, our thinking, our feelings.

Quex S is a therapeutic electrophysiological device based on the principles of quantum physics. It is designed for stress detection and stress reduction.

Quantum Healing was defined by Deepak Chopra, the world-renowned physician and author:

„Quantum Healing is the ability of one form of consciousness (the mind) to spontaneously correct errors in another form of consciousness (the body).


Benefits of Quex S

Quex S is an innovative successor to the previous SCIO system, a smarter way to visualise energy. The patient can literally see what needs to be improved in their body’s functioning, balance restoration, stress management and the system also engages the individual in the recovery and healing process with appropriate audio-video material.

The benefits of Quex S include:

  • promotes relaxation in response to stress
  • Providing a positive response to stress and anxiety
  • helps reduce tension, pain or balance after emotional upheaval
  • Improves sleep
  • improve general well-being

Stress management by measuring electrophysiological responses

In the future, stress management with the Quex S system, by measuring electrophysiological responses, will be possible without taking medication, using the body’s self-healing abilities.

The device measures electrophysiological responses through biofeedback via straps attached to the patient’s ankles, wrists or forehead. The technology consists of hardware and specialised software capable of comprehensive analysis, with high-end graphical visualisation. 

The Ques S is designed to correct the manifestation of stress at the very first physiological level with appropriate, targeted stimulation. 

The therapeutic system teaches the body to regulate physiology, thereby reducing stress, resulting in improved physical and emotional well-being.